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2011-02-26 09:03 pm

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 Feeling jealous about certain things, nervous (with borderline anxiety) about others, and totally not really in a place to be justified to do either. Let's call it PAR FOR THE COURSE.

Most of my recent dreams have involved either riding on a school bus or being involved with my old high school in some way. Sometimes my current group of friends make an appearance, some times it's like retro memory theater with old high school acquaintances the stars of the show. Don't ask me what this means, I'd love to know the answer myself.

Also, I don't know WHY my upstairs neighbors feel the need to have to keep moving shit around and whacking the walls with a hammer at odd times of the day. It sounds like they're trying to climb up stairs, which is dumb considering all the units in this complex are built to take up only a single floor.